Pearl Zone is a specialist pool and water feature service provider. Operations include Design & Build, supply & installation and specialist contracting services. Our unique Pre-formed, Composite pool shell manufactured tiled and pre-fitted in the factory, is fast becoming the industry standard for contemporary pools.

Whether it be pool for home owner, multiple-pools for a project or water features for a resort development. Our aim is for Pearl Zone pools to be preferred choice.

Pearl Zone provide, as standard, a number of features including:

Cleaning and Maintenance

Each pool has it's own feature such as the filtration system used and the water type - chlorinated, ion, and salt type among those known, that's why it's important to give the right care needed to keep your pool in top shape.

Pearl Zone's Cleaning Team will do the job for you! Our members undergo a series of trainings to make sure that your pool deserved the best care possible - clean, safe, and enjoyable.

Scope of Works

  • 1. Sweeping/cleaning of pool surrounding/decking area(up to 2m wide).
  • 2. Skimming of water surface and removal of debris.
  • 3. Brushing off dirt from pool walls, bottom, overflow gutters(Removal of any kind of stains is excluded).
  • 4. Cleaning of skimmer and pump baskets.
  • 5. Supply, dosing, application, and balancing of pool water chemicals as per DM Pool Safety Guidelines.
  • 6. Performing water testing (Cl, PH, Tem) and producing traceable records.
  • 7. Maintaining the required water level in swimming pool by adding water.
  • 8. Attention to water circulation and performing backwash and rinsing of water fillers if applicable.
  • 9. Perform visual and performance inspection of pool and pool lights for leakage or breakdown(Any critical issue or malfunction will be reported and quoted separately).
  • 10. Maintaining pool plant room cleanliness.


  • Whether you’re just about to start your own pool or undergo a major renovation, Pearl Zone offers expert care in pool reconstruction. Our company offers a wide range of repair and maintenance work for all aspects of swimming pool care, so even if it’s issues due to neglect, poor maintenance, mechanical and equipment, or with the structural integrity, our team of experts will be able to provide the solution to your needs.
  • Pearl Zone offers unique designs for first time pool owners or you can create your own design as we are able to customize based on client’s preference. We also provide suggestions from professional designers that can upgrade your design to the next level. With the combination of your approved design, our best practices, and state of art equipment, we can turn your dream pool into a reality.
  • Contact us for more details on how we can turn your pool from average to resort level quality.

Water Feature Installation

  • Don’t leave your pool looking bare! Pool water features are a must to set the mood and improve you and your guests’ experience as they swim in your pool. Here in Pearl Zone, we offer a wide-range of items that can fit your aesthetics. We also offer installation of minor to major pieces such as waterfall and fountain displays. Take your mind beyond imagination and we’ll make it happen! Contact us for more details on how we can turn your pool from average to resort level quality.

Fence/Cover Installation

  • Pearl Zone provides pool fencing and cover installation that would not only protect your pool but also enhance its beauty. Keep your pool child-friendly and free from unwanted external elements such as falling leaves and dirt. Designs are customized based on your preference and the security features you would like to install. Contact us for more details on how we can turn your pool from average to resort level quality.

Light Installation

  • Want to go for a night swim but afraid of dark ends? Swim at your heart’s desire from morning until night by installing LED pool light that would lighten up your pool floor. Enhance and level-up your pool aesthetics with multi-colored LED lights to set the mood you want. Swimming pool light installation does not only enhance the appearance of your pool but also serves as added protection from bacteria and unwanted insects that are harmful to people.
  • Pearl Zone specializes in the sale and installation of quality and customized LED lighting that is within your budget. Contact us for more details on how we can turn your pool from average to resort level quality.

Motor/Equipment Supply and Installation

  • Pearl Zone has been one of the most reliable company dealing with Pool Motors. Having an experienced and qualified technical team. As a part of maintenance, we also provide pool equipment such as filter, pump, MPV etc with various types of brands and models that would be suitable for your pool.

Heater and Chiller Installation

  • Whether it’s summer or winter time, get to enjoy swimming in your pool all year round with thermal controlled pool water. Pearl Zone offers sale and installation of quality pool heater and chiller units that are appropriate for the size of your pool. Contact us for more details on how we can turn your pool from average to resort level quality.