About Us

Pearl Zone offers high quality expertise in the field of Swimming Pool and Water Features. Has made rapid strides and established itself as a leading player in the fields of high quality Swimming Pool and Water Features Construction and Maintenance. The core activities of the company are directed towards improvement of the environment surrounding us by providing not only aesthetically pleasing but also cost-effective solutions for our valuable clients.

We are specialized in commercial and residential swimming pool and water feature desing and construction, provide a wide range of designs and expertise consulting services to an extensive clients and consultants.

We consider that exellence in Quality, Safety, and Environment compliance are vital to our success and growth. We as a group continously strive to improve our performance in these areas and have been practicing our best QHSE practices. We are committed to safeguard our employees and environment. Our goal in HSE Department is zero, zero to injury to our people and zero damages to our environment. Quality and HSE are intergral part and parcel of all our processes, irrespective of it being technical or commercial.